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Close Cases

Only case owners can perform this task.

When closing a case, you should enter a note about how the case was resolved. You can enter that information at any time in the Resolution section in the Inspector panel. The Resolution section indicates who wrote the note and when. The resolution note remains editable even after the case has been closed.

To close a case:

  1. Either on the left side of the dashboard layout, click the Current Case tab or on the navigation bar, click Cases
  2. Locate the case card for the case that needs to be moved to a different status.
  3. Click through the statuses until you reach the appropriate status for the case. Closed cases are in the Completed or Resolved state.
  4. (Optional) Do one of the following:
    • In the Resolution dialog box, type a note about how the case was resolved. This dialog box only appears if you didn't previously type a note in the Resolution section of the Inspector panel and there are no open alarms.
    • Clear the check box labeled Close X alarms in this case if you do not want to close them.
    • Click the Close icon in the upper-right corner of the dialog box to close the case without leaving a resolution note and without closing associated alarms.
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