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Back Up the EMDB

Prior to importing your first KB with Common Event Changes, back up your EMDB.

  1. Log in to the system that is your Platform Manager.
  2. Open the SQL Server Management Studio and log in with an account that has administrative privileges (for example, sa).
  3. Expand the databases and select LogRhythmEMDB.
  4. Right-click LogRhythmEMDB, click Tasks, and then click Back Up.
    Back Up Database LogRhythmEMDB appears.
  5. In the Source section, change the backup type to Full.
  6. In the Backup set section, the system automatically suggests a default named based on the database name and the backup type. Change the file name and description, if you want.
  7. In the Destination section, select Back up to Disk, then click Add to add a file or device to the Back up to list.
  8. To create the backup, click OK.
  9. When the backup is complete, close the SQL Server Management Studio.
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