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Filter Data by Time Range on the Dashboards and Analyze Pages

By default, the data that appears in the TopX widgets on the Dashboards page and Analyze page is configured for each widget individually. The Dashboard Time Range Filter temporarily overrides any individual TopX and Data Processing Trend widget time range settings. Its configuration persists from one dashboard to another but does not persist upon logout, navigation to a different page, or page refresh.

To use the Dashboard Time Range Filter:

  1. Open the Analyze page or select the dashboard you want to filter.
  2. Click the Dashboard Time Range Filter icon.
  3. In the time range picker, do one of the following:
    • Click the time range you want to use to filter the data on the dashboard.
    • Click Custom Time Range and configure another range.
      1. Type a number and select one of the following: monthsdayshours, or minutes.
      2. Click Apply for the filter to update.

        The actual data set is restricted by the data available in the Web Indexer.

  4. Click Use TopX Widget’s Settings to return to the TopX widget individual configurations.
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