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Operations Classifications

The following tables provide Operations classification information. This table lists descriptions and examples.

ClassificationDescriptionExamples Of
CriticalLogs reporting critical conditions.
  • Power supply failure
  • Unrecoverable error
  • CPU overheating
ErrorLogs reporting error conditions.
  • Socket Initialization Failure
  • Certificate validation packet received with error
  • HTTP – 64 Server Error Failed Connection Attempt
WarningLogs reporting warnings.
  • Notification Limit Exceeded
  • Wireless Device Decreasing RX/TX Power
InformationLogs reporting general information.
  • Configuration File Loaded
  • Interface status OK
  • HTTP – 200 Success Response
Network AllowLogs reporting on network activity that was allowed per a device policy.
  • Allowed Connection
  • Allowed Protocol
  • Allowed Packet
Network DenyLogs reporting on network activity that was not allowed per a device policy.
  • Denied Connection
  • Denied/ Protocol
  • Denied/dropped Packet
Network TrafficLogs reporting on network traffic activity such as flows, connections, and usage statistics
  • Network Flow Logs
  • Network Accounting Logs
  • Packet Logs
Other OperationsLogs reporting on operations activity not otherwise classifiable 

Operation Classification Defaults

This table gives defaults for Risk Rating (RR), Event Forwarding, and LogMart Forwarding.

ClassificationDefault Risk Rating *Default Event
Forwarding **
Default LogMart Forwarding
Network Allow0NoNo
Network Deny1NoNo
Network Traffic0NoNo
Other Operations0NoNo

*This is the usual Risk Rating assigned to a Common Event associated with this classification.  However, Risk Ratings varies by Common Event within the same classification.  This value is a general default, not strictly enforced.

**This is the default setting for forwarding the log to the Platform Manager assigned to a Common Event associated with this classification.

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