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Work With Network Visualization Diagrams

  1. Create a new Investigation with Platform Manager or Data Processor as the search type.
  2. When the results appear, click the Network Visualization tab.
  3. Do any of the following:
    • From the network visualization diagram
      • Click the + next to nodes to expand them.

      • Point to a node to see a screen tip with additional information.

      • Click a Host to show connections to other Hosts and display detailed information in the left pane.

        • Arrows at the end of the lines indicate direction.

        • If a host is both the origin and destination, the line loops back to itself.

        • Red lines indicate the log failure count is greater than 0.

        • Briefly pause on a link to display a screen tip with statistics about the link.

        • Press Ctrl and click a link to display its statistics in the left pane.

      • Double-click a node to drill down and show logs where the node is either the origin or impacted host.

      • Click a node to view its statistics in the left pane.

      • Right-click a selected node to display a context menu with the following options:

        • Drilldown (Origin and Impacted). Show logs that have the selected node is the origin or the impacted Host.

        • Drilldown (Origin). Show logs that have the selected node as the origin Host.

        • Drilldown (Impacted). Show logs that have the selected node as the impacted Host.

        • Map Location. If location information is available and you have access to a browser, select this option to display a map of a node location.

    • From the left pane of the network visualization tab 
      • From the top of the left pane
        • Select a Host Statistics Mode. Set the diagram links and link display mode here. The options are:

          • Origin and Impacted (default)

          • Origin

          • Impacted

        • Link Display Mode. Set the diagram links and host statistics mode here. The options are:

          • Logs

          • Bytes In, or Bytes Out, or Bytes In +Out

          • Items In, or Items Out, or Items In + Out

        • Click Restore View to return the diagram to the default view.

        • Click Settings to display a window where you can:

        • Select which Group Levels to display.

        • Select Expand Levels and Zoom to fit in the default view. This setting only affects the default display. You can still expand/contract nodes and modify the zoom in the diagram.

      • From the middle of the left pane
        • Click a node to select it.
        • Click the root node to view statistics for the entire diagram.

        • Click the parent node to view statistics for all related child nodes.

      • From the bottom of the left pane

        • Slide the zoom control to increase or decrease the size of the diagram.

        • Move the rectangle around the thumbnail diagram to select the viewing area.

        • Click Fit to set the zoom and viewing area to display the entire diagram in one action.

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