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Change the Status of Multiple Alarms

  1. On the main toolbar, click Deployment Manager.

  2. On the Tools menu, click Monitor, and then click Alarm Viewer.
    The Alarm Viewer Wizard appears.

  3. Select the Action check box for each alarm you want to change the status of.
  4. Right-click the grid to display the context menu, click Action, and then click Update Status.
    The Alarm History dialog box appears.
  5. Select the appropriate alarm status radio button.
    • New. When an alarm is first triggered, LogRhythm automatically assigns its status to New. An alarm can be changed back to a New state at any time. If an alarm is set back to a New state, the time stamps for when the alarm was set to Open and Closed are cleared. The date the alarm was generated is never cleared.
    • Open. Changes the status of the alarm to open. This alerts anyone looking at the alarm that it has been viewed, but no action was taken.
    • Working. Indicates that someone is currently working on the alarm occurrence.
    • Escalated. Indicates that the alarm status has been upgraded for additional analysis and investigation.
    • Closed. Indicates that all investigations into an occurrence are completed. When you close one or more alarms, the Resolution list allows you to select from the following reasons:
      • False Alarm. Event did not require investigation or further action.
      • Monitor. Cause needs to be reviewed in an ongoing manner to determine next steps or resolution.
      • Reported. Issue was reported to the appropriate personnel.
      • Resolved. Issue pertained to an incident and was resolved.
      • Unresolved. Might be an incident and was not resolved. Further action may be necessary.
  6. (Optional). Add comments to explain the change in the alarm's history.
  7. To save the changes, click OK.
    The Alarm History dialog box closes and the Alarm Status updates.
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