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Use SQL Pattern Match with Filters

SQL Pattern Match allows you to search for a value that is only part of the filtered field. This option is only available for certain filters.

  1. From the feature you want to add a filter to, select an option in the Add New Field Filter.
  2. Click Edit Values.
  3. In the Add Item field, type the string you want to find.
    For example, to find both loggedin and loggedout, type log.
  4. Select the SQL Pattern Match check box.
    When you check the SQL Pattern Match box, the default pattern %your string% is used. This pattern finds any instance of your string in the field. If you want to use any other wildcard, you must type it in the Add Item field.
  5. Click Add Item.
  6. (Optional) Add more items, clearing the SQL Pattern Match check box if necessary.
  7. Click OK.
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