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Unidirectional Windows Agent Settings

Certain network designs restrict data flow in a single direction to enforce network segregation. Under normal operation, the System Monitor Agent both sends and receives data from the LogRhythm Data Processor. In unidirectional mode, the System Monitor Agent continues to operate without receiving data from the LogRhythm Data Processor.

The following table and diagram show the unidirectional communication from the Agent within the unclassified sector to the Data Processor within the top secret sector.

Multiple unidirectional Agents can be configured per diode. Diodes do not support IPv6.
ClientClient PortServerServer PortProtocol


LogRhythm Agent0LogRhythm Data Processor40000TCP*Unidirectional

*All communications sent over the Mediator’s non-TLS TCP connection are unencrypted (in clear text).

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