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Add List Items in the Web Console

A list can consist of individual items or other lists.

To manually add items to a list in the Inspector panel:

  1. On the top navigation bar, click the Administration icon, and select Lists
  2. Select a list from the Lists grid. 
    The Inspector panel opens.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Inspector panel to the Contents section.
  4. Enter new list entries in manually, if allowed, or browse the tabs of known values and select which items you want to add to the list. You can use the Control or Shift key to select multiple entries at once.

    The data fields vary depending on the list type. Some list types do not allow you to manually enter information. For more information about item types available for each list type, see Lists in the Client Console.

    In LogRhythm SIEM 7.3.2, Entity Segregation does not apply to Identity lists. When adding or modifying Identity list items, any Identity can be selected, regardless of the Entity to which it is associated. Contact your Customer Relationship Manager if you use Entity Segregation and need further assistance.

  5. Click Add to add the item. The Add button names vary depending on the type of entry being added.

Expiring list items can be added to existing lists with expiring values. However, users cannot create new lists with expiring values in the Web Console.

To add list items from the Analyzer grid:

  1. At the lower-right side of the page, click the Logs tab to access the Analyzer grid. For more information, see Use the Analyzer Grid.

  2. Click the item that you want to add to a list. The row is highlighted and the Inspector panel opens on the right and shows a list of the lists you have in your environment.

    When you select an item in the Analyzer grid, the Inspector panel shows the value you selected. When a poly field is selected, multiple values appear in the top of
    the Inspector panel. For Host, the values are Known Host, Hostname, and IP Address. For Application, the values are Known Application, TCP/UDP port, and Protocol. You can select multiple values at once in the Inspector panel using the Control or Shift key.

  3. From the Inspector panel, select the list(s) you want to add your item to. If you want to add the item you selected from the Analyzer grid to multiple lists, use the Control or Select key to select multiple lists in the Inspector panel.

  4. Click +Add 1 Value to "X" Lists where X is replaced by the number of lists selected in the Inspector panel.

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