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This guide describes an issue that was fixed in LogRhythm 7.13, as well as steps that need to be taken if you are a user of LogRhythm Disaster Recovery solutions.

The updated components provided in were added to the 7.13.0 GA release downloads on August 2, 2023. If you upgraded using 7.13.0 GA software downloaded after August 2, you do not need to apply this patch.

Resolved Issues

Bug #





The database install tool now correctly installs SQL Standard as opposed to SQL Enterprise.

To resolve this issue, the installer for 7.13 has been updated to include SQL Standard edition rather than SQL Enterprise. Unless you are a user of LogRhythm Disaster Recovery solutions, using SQL Enterprise has no negative effect on your deployment and no further action needs to be taken. If you use (or plan to use) LogRhythm Disaster Recovery solutions, please see the section below, Disaster Recovery SQL Downgrades.

Disaster Recovery SQL Downgrades

Issue ENG-40105 only impacts users of LogRhythm Disaster Recovery solutions. If you use (or plan to use) LogRhythm Disaster Recovery, your SQL server needs to be manually downgraded from Enterprise to Standard. We recommend that this process be performed by LogRhythm Customer Support or Professional Services.

For information on contacting LogRhythm Support, refer to the LogRhythm Customer Support Guide.

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