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Data Processor Pool Manager

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The Data Processor Pool Manager allows administrators to add, modify, or delete DP pools. To access the Data Processor Pool Manager:

  1. On the main toolbar, click Deployment Manager.
  2. On the Tools menu, click Administration, and then click Data Processor Pool Manager.
    The Data Processor Pool Manager window appears showing the following columns:

    NameThe name of the DP pool.
    DescriptionA brief description of the DP pool.
    Data Processor's AssociatedThe number of Data Processors in the pool.
  3. To close the Data Processor Pool Manager window, click the red X in the upper-right corner.

Data Processor Pool Manager Actions

Right-clicking on a DP pool in the Data Processor Pool Manager window displays the following actions:



NewClick New to open a dialog box where you can create a DP pool. Enter a unique name and description, and then click Ok.

Right-click on an existing DP pool and then click Delete to remove the Data Processor pool from the list.

Attempting to delete a DP pool with associated Data Processors displays an error message.

Associated Data Processors must first be removed before the DP pool can be deleted.

UpdateRight-click on an existing DP pool and then click Update to make changes.
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