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Performance Counters—LR AI Engine Server

  • Service name. LogRhythm AI Engine Server (LRAIEEngine)
  • Runs on. AI Engine
Performance CounterDescription
# Event Insert DB RetriesThe total number of event insert DB retries.
# of Data Files DeletedThe total number # of .dat files deleted due to limited drive space.
# of Disabled RulesThe current number of disabled AI Engine rules.
# of Enabled RulesThe current number of enabled AI Engine rules.
Current # of Data FilesThe total number of data files in the Data folder.
Data Files Deleted/SecRate of .dat files being deleted due to limited drive space.
Log Messages Processed/SecThe number of messages processed by the AI Engine per second (mps).
Log Messages Received/SecThe number of messages received from the AI Engine Communication Manager per second (mps).
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