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Filter and Sort Lists

The Web Console user interface allows you to sort and filter list data.

  • To filter columns with a typeahead filter:
    1. Click in a Type Here field at the top of a data column. A list of available filters appears.
    2. Enter typeahead filter text as needed until you find the value that you want to apply or press the Enter key to use a "contains" filter.
    3. Click the filter to apply it to the Analyzer grid.
  • To sort data, click the arrows at the top of the columns to apply ascending or descending sort orders.
  • To pin a List Column so it remains static on left side of the grid, click the Pin icon. 
    When a column is pinned to the grid, the Pin icon changes from gray to black. The pinned column remains in position (even if you log out of the Web Console) until you click the Pin icon to unpin it.
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