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Restart LogRhythm Services

Restart all LogRhythm services that were reconfigured. When each service is running under integrated security the following log message should be observed in the component log: No UserID or Password specified, using Windows integrated security

  • Ensure all LogRhythm services start and operate without errors or warnings by examining each component log:
  • LogRhythm ARM: scarm.log
  • LogRhythm Job Manager: lrjobmgr.log
  • LogRhythm Mediator Server: scmedsvr.log, scmpe.log and archive.log
  • LogRhythm AIE: LRAIEEngine.log

Specifically, if any errors were made during the configuration, the service should log errors regarding database connectivity. If you encounter problems, review this document, verify the setup, or contact LogRhythm Support for assistance.

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