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Host/User Detail Page

The User Analyze and Host Analyze pages are the landing pages for a host or user details search. These pages are accessible through the View Details buttons in the Host and User fields. TopX, Node Link Graph, and Timeline are the only available widgets on this page.

The top of the page contains the Details header, with important information about the host or user. To open an Inspector panel for a host or user, click this header.

As on the Dashboards page, you can create and save multiple dashboard layouts on the Detail pages.

If you are a CloudAI customer, you will see a CloudAI section with an Anomaly score, threat events, and labels. To see more CloudAI information, click this header.

The inspector has the following sections:

  • Identity and TrueIdentity (for users) or Host Details (for host)
  • Contextualize (host only). Run Ping, whois, and trace on the host.
  • SmartResponses. Execute a SmartResponse.
  • Threat Intelligence Service (host only). See if the host is listed on a Threat Intelligence list.
  • List. Add to an existing list.
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