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TrueIdentity Sync Client Release Notes

TrueIdentity Sync Client v.1.4.0

The TrueIdentity Sync Client queries Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms, such as Active Directory, to create and update TrueIdentities in your LogRhythm deployment. The TrueIdentity Sync Client can be scheduled to run continuously, automatically creating and updating new TrueIdentities as they appear in your IAM.

TIS 1.4.0 is a general availability release.

Resolved Issues




The new logo is to be used throughout the TrueID Sync Client and installers.


After setup, the Real Identity Sync client establishes a secure LDAP connection on port 636. The error message does not change between validation tests when no settings are changed. No certificate checking is performed for port 389. Using port 389 without a certificate results in errors and failure.


An issue where True Identity was showing "Not yet run" under the Last Run column in the True Identity home page has been fixed.
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