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Agent Identification and Acceptance

Unidentified Agents are saved in a separate “acceptance” table pending a direct action on the part of the user. This can be seen on the System Monitors tab in the New System Monitor Agents grid. Accepted System Monitor Agents appear in the grid below the New System Monitor Agents grid.

ActionBatch actions operate on all checked rows.

Pending: The System Monitor Agent is waiting to be accepted before it will start delivering logs.

Rejected: The System Monitor Agent is not allowed to connect to the system.

Typically, new entries have a status of pending. If the administrator rejects them, the status is rejected. Because System Monitor Agents repeatedly try to connect, the entry should remain in Rejected state until the agent is uninstalled. Then, the entry can be deleted.
Host NameDisplays the computer name of the host the agent is running on.
Host OSDisplays the operating system for the computer the agent is running on.
Host OS VersionDisplays the version of the OS the agent is running on.
Host IP AddressDisplays the IP address of the computer the agent is running on.
Resolved Known HostIf the mediator can find a matching host in the database, the host appears here. Otherwise this field displays “Entity name:Host name:New”. The user can also resolve the host manually on the properties form.
Agent NameDisplays the system generated name of the Agent. By default, this is the same as the computer name. The user can change this in the properties form. The batch accept process prepends the host entity name if necessary to make the agent name unique.
Agent TypeIdentifies the type of agent installed on the computer. This field has the same values as Agent Type on the System Monitors tab.
Agent VersionThe LogRhythm assigned version of the System Monitor Agent.
Agent GUIDThe globally unique identifier generated by the agent.
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