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Disable Automatic Host Contextualization

Automatic Host Contextualization has been disabled by default for almost all log sources as of Knowledge Base 7.1.507 and Knowledge Base 6.1.507. If you have Knowledge Base synced to one of those versions, you can re-enable automatic host contextualization on a log source by creating a custom policy copy and re-enabling this feature on the rules that require it.

There may be instances when you want to disable AHC. For example, if a host context is always known for specific types of log messages, AHC should be disabled to ensure context is not switched incorrectly.

  1. On the main toolbar, click Deployment Manager.
  2. Click the Log Processing Policies tab.
  3. Select a Log Processing Policy.
  4. Right-click your selection and click Edit.
    The MPE Policy Editor appears.
  5. Select a rule, right-click the rule, and then click Properties.
    The MPE Policy Rule Editor appears.
  6. Select Disable Automatic Host Contextualization.
  7. Click OK.
    The No AHC column of the MPE Policy Editor listing is selected.
  8. Click OK.

If you use the MPE Rule Builder to create new rules, you can disable AHC on the Default Policy Settings tab or in the Sub-Rules Properties window.

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