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Reopen Cases

Only case owners can perform this task.

When reopening cases in Web Console 7.3.3, alarm data that has expired due to age is not able to be restored to a "Live" state.

  • When a case is closed, any alarms attached to the case that are older than the limit set for the alarms index will be removed from the alarms index. If the case is later reopened, the old alarms are still represented in the case, but the representation is “dead” and unable to push updates to the alarm’s status. There is no work-around for this condition.
  • If logs are attached to a case that is older than the configured CaseIndexTimeToLiveSeconds and the case is closed, then the case index is removed from the index folder during the next maintenance cycle (within 1 minute or the configured MaintenanceInterval value). If the case is then reopened, the indexer begins re-indexing the logs attached to the case within 30 seconds. Please wait several minutes before attempting to access the attached logs.

To reopen a case:

  1. Either on the left side of the dashboard layout, click the Current Case tab or on the navigation bar, click Cases
  2. Locate the case card for the case that needs to be moved to a different status.
  3. Click through the statuses until you reach the appropriate status for the case. Open cases are in the Created, Incident, or Mitigated state. Closed cases are in the Completed or Resolved state.
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