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Add Active Directory Groups as Filters

To complete adding an Active Directory group as a filter in a search

  1. Begin to configure your search, rule, or policy. Add an Active Directory group as a filter to any of the following:
    • Investigator
    • Tail
    • Report Center
    • Personal Dashboard
    • Create an Alarm Rule
    • SecondLook
    • Log Distribution Policy Manager
  2. When you reach the Specify Event Selection screen or Include/Exclude Filters screen, select an Active Directory filter type from the Add New Field Filter options.
  3. Click Edit Values.
  4. Select a Filter Mode, and then click Add Item to display the Active Directory Group Browser.
  5. To select one or more group records, select the Action check box.
  6. To add the records as filters, click OK
    The users within the group are used when querying for the appropriate logs.
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