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Host, Network, and Default DRL and STL Settings

If MPE or AI Engine looks at the STL or DRL and it is 0—meaning it has not been set—then look in the known network ranges for that IP. If the IP is in a known network, and the network STL or DRL is not 0, then use the STL/DRL from the network. If it is not in the known network range, or if the network value is 0, then use one of the two new global default STL or DRL values—inferred public host or inferred private host.

Advise customers that are setting the global DRL or STL default values or the Host/Network values that 1 is the lowest level and 0 means null/not set/unknown (and, thus, the default value will be used).

Allow users to configure default values at both the Global and Entity (post-7.3) levels. Use separate (configurable) default global values for DRL or STL:

  • Inferred Private Host (range is 0–9)
    • Private, lower risk
    • DRL/STL default: 3
  • Inferred Public Host (range is 0–9)
    • External/public, higher risk
    • DRL/STL default: 1
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