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Modify the Default Source Threat Level

The Default Source Threat Level section of the Platform Manager tab allows you to set the Default Source Threat Level (STL). You can set the Internal and External Risk level, and the weight of the risk.

To modify the Default Source Threat Level settings:

  1. On the main toolbar, click Deployment Manager.
  2. Click the Platform Manager tab.
  3. Modify the following settings
    1. Internal and External Risk Level. These values are used for the internal host risk level when entity host lookup does not identify a known host (range 0-9): 
      • 0=Not set
      • 1=minimum weight (importance)
      • 9=maximum weight (importance)

      If the value in the Internal or External field is set to 0, then the default is used. The default value for the STL internal field is 1, and the default for the External field is 3.

    2. Risk Based Priority Weight. This section allows you to set the Default Source Risk Level. Specify the source threat level used when it cannot be determined via network or host record (range 0-9):
      • 0=No risk level (decreases RBP)
      • 1=Lowest risk level (decreases RBP)
      • 9=Highest risk level (increases RBP)
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