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The specific command executed that has been recorded in the log message. 

Data Type




Client Console Full Name


Client Console Short Name


Web Console Tab/Name


Elasticsearch Field Name


Rule Builder Column Name


Regex Pattern


NetMon Name

Not applicable

Field Relationships

  • Result
  • Status
  • Process
  • Action

Common Applications

  • PowerShell
  • Windows Command Shell
  • SSH
  • Telnet
  • Bash

Use Case

  • Cron
  • Sudo
  • Auditing

MPE/Data Masking Manipulations

Not applicable.

Usage Standards

  • Vendor Message ID is a unique event type identifier.
  • Command identifies an executable or script with arguments.
  • May contain an executable, but is distinct from Process.
  • Can describe the execution of a process.
  • Command within a process.
  • Often specifically called out as CMD or Command.
  • Not Action (for example, Firewall Block/Allow).
  • Not Result (Command can have a Result).
  • Command may describe Action.


Correct Examples

  • CrowdStrike FalconHost

12 14 2016 18:53:39 <USER:NOTE> CEF:0|CrowdStrike|FalconHost|1.0|ScanResults|AV Scan Results In A Detection Summary Event|4| externalID=2222222222222222eee799 cn2Label=ProcessId cn2=148181079514282 shost=WIN-HPBKBMLLSST fname=GoogleUpdate.exe filePath=\\Device\\HarddiskVolume1\\Users\\\\AppData\\Local fileHash=e361a8c5da2e3d1a0ed3be85ed906dad cs1Label=CommandLine cs1="C:\\Users\\\\AppData\\Local\\GoogleUpdate.exe" sntdom=safaware cs2Label=ScanResultEngine cs2=AVware cs3Label=ScanResultName cs3=Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Fraudload cn4Label=ScanResultVersion cs4= cs6Label=FalconHostLink cs6= cn3Label=Offset cn3=1066242

Specifically called out Command Line, even though it is an executable.

  • CrowdStrike FalconHost

12 15 2016 00:19:05 <USER:NOTE> CEF:0|CrowdStrike|FalconHost|1.0|ScanResults|AV Scan Results In A Detection Summary Event|3| externalID=022222222222222222ea584f3783f5b1eee9 cn2Label=ProcessId cn2=1482087830222222 shost= USABLDRRECFLOW01suser=Pete.Store fname=upnp.exe filePath=\\Device\\HarddiskVolume1\\Users\\\\AppData\\Local\\Temp fileHash=13804f8dc4e72ba103d5e34de895c9db cs1Label=CommandLine cs1="C:\\Users\\ALVINF~1\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\upnp.exe" -a 1604 1604 TCP sntdom=safaware cs2Label=ScanResultEngine cs2=TrendMicro cs3Label=ScanResultName cs3=TROJ_GEN.R0FBC0CI116 cn4Label=ScanResultVersion cs4= cs6Label=FalconHostLink cs6= cn3Label=Offset cn3=1066392

Executable with arguments.

  • AIX

02 20 2013 09:16:33 <SAU1:NOTE> Feb 20 09:16:33 Message forwarded from USABLDRRECFLOW01: sudo:  dt14437 : TTY=pts/0 ; PWD=/dst/home/omg37 ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/crontab -l

Command called out explicitly.

  • Proofpoint Spam Firewall

12 07 2011 14:19:10 <USER:NOTE> Dec  7 14:19:10 filter_instance1 rprt s=11huq2222 m=1 x=pB7JJAlE02222 mod=access cmd=run rule=spamsafe duration=0.000

Run is the Command, not the Process.

Incorrect Examples

  • Check Point Firewall

26Feb2013 14:59:21 Product=VPN-1 & FireWall-1 OriginIP= Origin= USABLDRRECFLOW01Action=encrypt SIP= Source= USABLDRRECFLOW01SPort=0 DIP= Destination= USABLDRRECFLOW01DPort=0 Protocol=icmp ICMPType=8 ICMPCode=0 IFName=eth1 IFDirection=inbound Reason=- Rule=32 Info=- XlateSIP= XlateSPort=- XlateDIP=- XlateDPort=-

Encrypt is not a command. Encrypt is better parsed into Action.

  • Juniper Firewall

04 22 2012 17:28:13 <USER:INFO> 1 2012-04-23T08:27:25.564  RT_FLOW - RT_FLOW_SESSION_CLOSE [junos@ reason="unset" source-address="" source-port="138" destination-address="" destination-port="138" service-name="junos-nbds" nat-source-address="" nat-source-port="138" nat-destination-address="" nat-destination-port="138" src-nat-rule-name="None" dst-nat-rule-name="None" protocol-id="17" policy-name="allowAll" source-zone-name="trust" destination-zone-name="trust" session-id-32="21434" packets-from-client="1" bytes-from-client="229" packets-from-server="0" bytes-from-server="0" elapsed-time="59" application="UNKNOWN" nested-application="UNKNOWN" username="N/A" roles="N/A" packet-incoming-interface="fe-0/0/7.0"]


  • Palo Alto Firewall

02 24 2015 15:21:01 <USER:INFO> Feb 24 15:21:01 1,2015/02/24 15:21:01,0011C100222,TRAFFIC,drop,0,2015/02/24 15:21:01,,,,,denyall,,,not-applicable,vsys1,dmz,inet,ethernet1/9,,LogRhythm-Receiver,2015/02/24 15:21:00,0,1,64812,443,0,0,0x0,tcp,deny,66,66,0,1,2015/02/24 15:21:02,0,any,0,27629666933,0x0,United States,United States,0,1,0

Drop is not the Command. Drop is the Action. Denyall is not Command either. Denyall is closer to Result (could also be the name of a Policy).

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