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Change Your Password

To change your password in the Client Console:

  1. On the My LogRhythm menu, click Change Password.
    A message notifies you that after you change your password, the application will exit and you will have to log in using your new password.
  2. Click Yes to continue.
  3. Complete the following fields:
    1. Old Password. Type your current password.
    2. New Password. Type your new password.
    3. Verify New Password. Confirm your new password.

    LogRhythm supports passwords up to 255 characters long.

    The user password must not:

    • contain a space character
    • contain an apostrophe
    • contain a single quote, double-quote, or semicolon
    • start with the $ or @ character
  4. Click OK to save your new password and close the Client Console.
  5. Start the Client Console again and log in using your new password.
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