Administrator permissions are required to access features described in this guide.

Administrators are tasked with performing setup, troubleshooting, and general care and maintenance of the Axon system. 

LicensingView your storage volume, the total available storage space for your license agreement, and how long your log data is stored.
Access ControlCreate user accounts and assign roles. Configure your password policy, two-factor authentication and session timeout.
Audit LogsTrack the actions of your users, complete with a timestamp, the type of action taken, and the origin account ID.
AnalyticsView and manage Axon rules, as well as create new, custom rules using the Axon Rule Builder.
  • Setup and manage Agents, Collectors and Log Sources.
  • Create and edit message processing policies with Axon's Policy Builder.
  • View and manage processing exceptions.
  • Upload and edit lists.