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Axon Prerequisites and Considerations

This guide is designed to assist you prior to the beginning of your Axon journey. Please verify the prerequisites outlined on this page have been met, and that you have taken into account the listed considerations and preparation materials for migrating existing LR SIEM/Cloud data (if applicable). These steps should all be completed and/or verified prior to your first scheduled Axon Onboarding call.

Supported Browsers

Axon is currently supported on the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge browsers.

General Prerequisites

  1. Review the official Axon Documentation space.

  2. Log into your new environment using the link provided in your Axon Invitation email within 7 days of receipt.
    If the welcome email can’t be located, please check your spam folder. The email should be from, and the subject should be LogRhythm Account Activation.

The invitation link is a one-use link and will not take you back to your environment. Once you successfully log into Axon, please bookmark the URL containing your specific tenant ID for future access.

  1. Axon Agents use HTTPS protocol over port 443 to send data to Axon. Therefore, hosts running an Axon Agent need outbound access through your firewall and proxy to the following URLs:

    1. North/South America Customers:



    2. European Customers:



    3. Asia Pacific Customers:



  2. Review the Axon Agent System Requirements.

  3. Create your own login accounts for the following LogRhythm sites/portals:

    1. LogRhythm Community

    2. LogRhythm University

    3. LogRhythm Support Portal

  4. Access to systems throughout your environment will be required during setup/configuration. Plan to have the appropriate people on call to access end points for Axon Agent installation or LR Agent configuration.


Success Service Considerations

  1. Allow LogRhythm resource screen-sharing control permissions during onboarding and enablement sessions. Some company policies block this ability.

  2. Consider adding LogRhythm Success Resource as a User in Axon for offline work.

Environment Considerations

  1. If using VPN, please ensure there are no disruptions between accessing LogRhythm sites and your network.

  2. Disabling ad-blocker during the Axon Onboarding call may be necessary to download agents and other LogRhythm content.

  3. Determine which server will host the Axon Agent for log forwarding (excludes current LR SIEM/Cloud customers).

Existing LR SIEM/Cloud Migration Preparation

Forwarding Data from LR Agents to Axon

  1. Ensure LogRhythm Agents are on version 7.12 or higher. Our latest versions contain necessary configuration settings allowing LR SIEM/Cloud Agents to forward data to Axon.

  2. Access LR SIEM systems running LR Agents to prepare for forwarding to Axon.

  3. Follow the steps in the LR7/LRCloud to Axon Migration Guide.


Please contact your LogRhythm Project Manager if you have any questions. They're happy to help and standing by.

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