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Audit Logs

Administrator permissions are required to access this feature.

Audit logs are used to track the actions of your users, complete with a timestamp, the type of action taken, and the origin account ID.

View the Audit Logs

  1. Click the Administration cog at the bottom-left of the screen.
  2. Click Audit Logs under the Audit header.
    The Audit Logs window appears.

Refreshing the Audit Logs List

At the top of the Audit Logs window on the right hand side are two refresh options:


Manual refresh

Refreshes the audit logs page, showing the most up-to-date logs at the time of the refresh.

Auto refresh

Click the green play button to have the audit logs page periodically update automatically.

To stop automatic refresh, click the pause button.

Filter the Audit Logs List

Each column in the audit logs list can be filtered to only show data that falls within a selected range.

The following filters are available on the audit logs page:

Text filter

Begin typing in the Filter field below the column header to only display results in the column that include the entered text.

For example, typing "user" into the Action Type column filters the results to only include actions performed by users.

For more information, see Filters.

Date filter

Click in the Filter field below the column header to open the Select Timeframe window. The following tabs are available:

  • On the Quick Pick tab, you can select a predetermined timeframe (such as "last 15 minutes," "last 24 hours," or "this month so far") to only show results that fall within that timeframe.
  • On the In the Last tab, you can enter a numerical value and then select whether you want to see logs from that amount of seconds, minutes, hours, etc.
  • On the Custom Range tab, you can enter your own start and end dates as well as your own start and end times.

Click Confirm once the desired timeframe has been selected or entered.

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