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Axon Agent v2.0 Release Notes

With the 28 March 2024 Axon release, the default Axon Agent version was updated to 2.0.

This release marks the addition of secure syslog to the Axon Agent Syslog Collector.

New Features

Secure Syslog

The Axon Agent v2.0.0 and later is now able to collect Syslog over TLS. This includes automatically generated certificates by the Axon platform.

Additionally, Syslog collection can now be performed over multiple simultaneous protocols, including TCP, UDP, and TLS protocols.

For more information on configuring an Axon Agent using Secure Syslog, refer to the Configure the Axon Agent Syslog Collector documentation.

Resolved Issues & Improvements

The following customer-found Axon Agent-related issues and improvements have been corrected/implemented for version 2.0.0:

Issue ID

Release Notes


Axon Agents that have not connected now appear correctly when sorting by the Last Active column.


Axon Agents no longer display Fluentd errors in certain situations.


An “unsupported log source” error for certain Axon agents has been resolved.


A winlog.json error has been resolved for certain Axon agents.

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