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Axon Agent v1.2 Release Notes

With the 18 January 2024 Axon release, the default Axon Agent version was updated to 1.2.

This release includes updates to third-party components, including a major update to the log collection component.

New Features

Agent Enrollment

Axon Agent enrollment is now preserved across software re-installation. Systems running agent versions 1.2 and later can now move between Agent profiles by uninstalling the original profile and re-installing an agent in a new profile.

Customers upgrading from earlier versions of an agent should run the preinstall script in the 1.2 download package.

Agent Improvements

Axon Agent 1.2.1 Improvements

Installation Updates

A new Linux installation script simplifies the installation process. For more information on Linux Axon Agent installation instructions, see Linux Installation Instructions.

Troubleshooting Updates

To assist with supporting Axon Agents, we have introduced a way to collect diagnostic data on Windows and Linux platforms. These diagnostic scripts have been included in the installation files for both Windows and Linux agents, and can be generated before you create a ticket with LogRhythm Customer Support. Attach the results to the ticket to give our support representatives a better idea of what exactly the issue might be before helping you to resolve it. For more information on these diagnostic scripts and how to make use of them for support tickets, see the Diagnostic Script Usage section in the Axon Agent Troubleshooting Guides.

Axon Agent troubleshooting documentation has been updated to include locations of key files for both new and old version Axon Agents, as well as the diagnostic scripts mentioned above. For more information on troubleshooting Axon Agents, see Axon Agent Troubleshooting Guides.

Uninstallation Updates

Uninstalling an Axon Agent now cleanly shuts down and removes all installed files. For more information on uninstalling an Axon Agent, see the Uninstall the Axon Agent sections in the Download and Install Axon Agents documentation.

Axon Agent 1.2.4 Improvements

Logging Capabilities

With the release of Axon Agent 1.2.4, logging abilities have been increased to aid with debugging of Axon Agents. Additionally, the ability to override logging through an environmental variable has been added. For more information, see the Windows Troubleshooting Guide.

Resolved Issues

The following Axon Agent-related issues have been resolved for each version.

Axon Agent Version 1.2.1

Issue ID

Release Notes


Axon Agent logging now filters out any log that does not start with a timestamp.


Collection errors thrown during the transition from td-agent to fluentd packages have been resolved with updates to the spool files.

Axon Agent Version 1.2.2

Issue ID

Release Notes


Osquery no longer crash-loops due to an incorrect log path.

Axon Agent Version 1.2.4

Issue ID

Release Notes


Increased the Osquery socket timeout to allow large systems, including clustered systems, to successfully enroll an Axon Agent.


Reduced the number of agent restarts when new configuration files are received.

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