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Axon Status Page

The public status page is a way to quickly confirm the operational status of Axon. It automatically updates with information regarding login availability and API reachability. Official LogRhythm communications about Axon incidents and maintenance are also published on the status page, so you are encouraged to subscribe to updates.

The status page can be accessed at the following URL:

Subscribe to Updates

Subscribing to updates allows you to receive information about Axon status changes and maintenance as soon as they happen, keeping you informed about changes to the software.

To subscribe to Axon status updates, click Subscribe To Updates in the top-right corner of the Axon status page. A pop-out menu with five tabs appears.

In the pop-out menu, click one or more of the tabs described below to subscribe to Axon updates.

Email Updates

To receive Axon status updates via email:

  1. Enter your email address in the field.
  2. Click Subscribe via Email.
Text Updates

To receive Axon status updates via text message:

  1. Select your Country code from the drop-list.
  2. Enter your phone number in the field.
  3. Click Subscribe via Text Message.
Slack Updates

To receive Axon status updates via Slack message:

  1. Click Subscribe via Slack to open the Slack authorization page.
  2. Open the Search for a channel drop-list to select the channel to which Axon updates will post.
  3. Click Allow to authorize Axon updates via Slack.
RSS Updates

To receive Axon status updates via RSS feed:

  1. Click Atom Feed or RSS Feed.
    The code that can be used to track Axon status updates appears.
  2. Copy/paste this code to use on your own RSS feed.
CloseClick to close the subscription menu once all subscriptions have been made.
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