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Linux Installation Instructions

Please refer to the Port/Protocol/Process Rules and AV/File Monitor Exclusions documentation before installation.

Bundle Information

When you download your Axon Agent install bundle, it will come as a .tar.gz file. Use the following command to extract the contents:

tar -xzf ./Linux_Agent_Bundle.tar.gz

Inside the newly created folder, you will see the following files:

File NameDescription
Axon_Agent_Installer_[version].[rpm or deb]The installer for the Agent itself. There is no need to manually install with yum or apt.
Fluentd_Installer.[rpm or deb]The installer for Fluentd. This is third party software the Agent needs to run. There is no need to manually install with yum or apt.
Install_Axon_Agent_Linux.shThe install script for the Axon Agent. Refer to the section below for instructions for executing the script.
Uninstall_Axon_Agent_Linux_1.1.X.shA script used to uninstall old versions of the Agent. This file is only to be used for upgrades.
lrDiagnosticsBash.shA script for collecting diagnostic information on a running Axon Agent. Used in cases where support is needed.
detect_version.shA script used for collecting version information on the Agent.
lragent_config.jsonA config file that contains needed information to register the machine with the Axon platform.
agent_version.jsonA config file that contains version information on the Axon Agent.
manifest.jsonCurrently unused.

Install the Axon Agent

Ensure all of the files listed in the section above remain in the install bundle folder.

Agent Versions 1.2.0 and Newer

To install Linux Axon Agents for versions 1.2.0 and newer:

  1. Set the current working directory to the install bundle folder.
  2. Give execute permissions to each of the scripts in the install bundle folder:

    chmod +x ./
  3. If installing the Agent on a machine that has not had an Agent previously installed, simply run this command from the directory of the bundle extracted:

    ./ install

The newly installed Agent appears on the Agents page of Axon in the Active Agents tab.

To verify current running status, see Axon Agent Linux Troubleshooting Guide.

Do not attempt to manually start td-agent/fluentD.  The Axon Agent will start collection for you, automatically.

Agent Versions 1.1.8 and Older

Installing the Agent on older versions requires manual installation of the packages provided. Run the following commands in order from the install bundle folder for your given operating system.

Ubuntu and Debian

sudo apt install ./Fluentd_Installer.deb
sudo apt install ./Axon_Agent_Installer_1.X.X.deb

CentOS, RHEL, and Amazon Linux

sudo yum install ./Fluentd_Installer.rpm
sudo yum install ./Axon_Agent_Installer_1.X.X.rpm

Uninstall the Axon Agent

Agent Versions 1.2.0 and Newer

To uninstall the Axon Agent post version 1.2.0, use the same installer script used to install the Agent:

./ uninstall

Agent Versions 1.1.8 and Older

First, stop the Agent service and disable it using the following commands, then run the commands in the sections below based on your operating system.

systemctl stop lr-agent.logrhythm.service
systemctl disable lr-agent.logrhythm.service

Ubuntu and Debian

sudo apt purge --auto-remove lr-agent.logrhythm
sudo apt purge --auto-remove td-agent

CentOS, RHEL, and Amazon Linux

sudo yum autoremove lr-agent-logrhythm.x86_64
sudo yum autoremove td-agent.x86_64

Removing Directories Associated with Axon Agent

Before using these commands, verify that these directories do not contain anything you want to keep.

rm /opt/osquery -Rf
rm /opt/td-agent -Rf
rm /etc/td-agent -Rf
rm /etc/logrhythm -Rf
rm /var/logrhythm -Rf
rm /var/log/osquery -Rf
rm /var/log/logrhythm -Rf
rm /var/log/td-agent -Rf

Upgrade the Axon Agent

Agent Versions 1.2.0 and Newer

As of Axon Agent version 1.2.0, the install script supports an upgrade command that will back up all needed data and install the new version of the Agent.

From the directory of your newly downloaded bundle, run this command:

./ upgrade

Agent Version 1.1.8 and Older

If you are upgrading from an Axon Agent version prior to 1.2.0, the upgrade process is slightly more involved in order to back up necessary data.

From the directory of the newly downloaded bundle, run the following commands:

./ install

Do not use the upgrade command in this scenario. It does not support data backup of older versions of the agent that use a different directory structure. The first uninstall script will back up data in old versions

Troubleshooting Notes

You may see the following error during an agent installation:

cp: cannot stat '/some/filepath/lragent_config.json\n/some/other/filepath/lragent_config.json': no such file or directory

This is due to multiple copies of the lragent_config.json file existing on the machine. To resolve this, follow these steps:

  1. Confirm there is no agent currently installed on the machine.
  2. Use the following command to ensure there is only one copy of the file listed, in the directory where the Agent installers exist:

    find / -type f -name lragent_config.json

Once extra copies of the config file have been removed from the machine, the installation will run as expected.

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