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Application Families and Tags

Along with other metadata, NetMon classifies applications by family and tag, providing more granular control to visualize, sort, search, report on, or set alarms with. NetMon automatically assigns families and tags in metadata for traffic flows—users cannot manually configure families or tags.

family classifies an application by category of traffic, such as Instant Messaging or Antivirus. Each classified application in NetMon is associated with only one family.

tag specifies the type of traffic within the family. For example, an application in the Instant Messaging family might be tagged with im_mc, file_transfer, and voip. Unlike families, a classified application in NetMon has at least one tag and may have many.

Some applications captured by NetMon do not include family or tag metadata because these flows are not fully classified—for example, a TCP application could belong to several families. To determine which applications are classified, select the FlowClassified field and look for “FlowClassified=true.”

For a comprehensive list of applications supported in NetMon, see NetMon Supported Applications.

Application Families

The following table contains NetMon supported application families (sorted alphabetically) and descriptions.

AntivirusAntivirus update
Application ServiceBackground service
Audio/VideoProtocol/application used to transport audio or video content
AuthenticationProtocol used for authentication purposes
BehavioralProtocol classified by non-deterministic criteria based on statistical analysis of packet form and session behavior
CompressionCompression layers
CustomCustom family
DatabaseProtocol used for database remote queries
EncryptedEncryption protocol
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning application
File ServerFile transfer protocol
File TransferProtocol used for user-to-user file transfers via Instant-Messaging applications
ForumWeb forum
GameGaming protocol
Instant MessagingInstant messaging application
MailEmail exchange protocol
Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft office sub-protocol
MiddlewarePlatform protocol for remote procedure calls
Network ManagementProtocol used for IT management
Network ServiceLow level network protocol
Peer to PeerPeer to peer application
PrinterPrinter communication protocol
RoutingNetwork routing protocol
Security ServiceWorkstation security application
StandardBasic layers defined by Qosmos
TelephonyTelephony core network protocol
TerminalRemote terminal protocol
Thin ClientRemote control protocol
TunnelingTunneling protocol
WapMobile specific transport protocol
WebGeneric web traffic
WebmailWeb email application

Application Tags

The following table contains NetMon supported application tags (sorted alphabetically) and descriptions.

aaaProtocol/application used for AAA (Authentification, Authorization and Accounting) purposes
adult_contentAdult content
advertisingAdvertising networks and applications
analyticsuser-analytics and statistics
anonymizerTraffic-anonymization protocol/application
audio_chatProtocol/application used for Audio Chat
basicCovers all protocols required for basic classification, including most networking protocols as well as standard protocols like HTTP
blogBlogging platform
cdnProtocol/application used for Content-Delivery Networks
chatProtocol/application used for Text Chat
classified_adsProtocol/application used for Classified ads
cloud_servicesSaaS and/or PaaS cloud-based services
crowdfundingService for funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet
cryptocurrencyServices for mining cryptocurrencies, for example a Crypto Web Browser (an application that mines cryptocurrency in the background while its user browses the web)
dbDatabase-specific protocols
dea_mailService offering Disposable Email Accounts (DEA). DEA is a technique to share temporary email addresses between many users.
ebook_readerServices for e-book readers—connected devices that display electronic books (typically using e-ink displays to reduce glare and eye strain)
emailNative email protocol
enterpriseProtocol/application used in an enterprise network
file_mngtProtocol/application designed specifically for file management and exchange. This can include bona fide network protocols (like SMB) as well as web/cloud services (like Dropbox).
file_transferProtocol that offers file transferring as a secondary feature. This typically includes IM, WebMail, and other protocols that allow file transfers in addition to their principal function.
forumOnline forum
gamingProtocol/application used by games
healthcareProtocols offering medical services (protocols used in medical environment)
im_mcProtocol/application used for Instant messaging or multiconferencing
iotInternet of Things protocol/application
map_serviceDigital maps service (website and their related API)
mm_streamingProtocol/application used for multimedia streaming
mobileMobile-specific protocol/application
networkingProtocol used for (inter) networking purpose
news_portalProtocol/application used for News Portals
p2pProtocol/application used for Peer-to-peer purposes
payment_serviceApplication offering online services for accepting electronic payments by a variety of payment methods (credit card, bank-based payments such as direct debit, bank transfer, etc.)
remote_accessProtocol/application used for remote access
scadaSCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) protocols, all generations
social_networkSocial networking application
speedtestSpeedtest application allowing to access quality of Internet connection (upload, download, latency, etc.)
standardizedProtocol issued from standardized bodies such as IETF, ITU, IEEE, ETSI, OIF
transportationTransportation services, for example smartphone applications that allow users to hail a taxi
updateAuto-update protocol
video_chatProtocol/application used for Video Chat
voipApplication used for Voice over IP
vpn_tunProtocol/application used for VPN or tunneling purposes
webApplication based on HTTP/HTTPS
web_ecomProtocol/application used for E-commerce websites
web_searchProtocol/application used for Web search portals
web_sitesProtocol/application used for Company Websites
webmailWeb email application
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