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Cable the Server

MistNet 5 GBps Deployment

MistNet LR-NS7500

  • Dell R640 Server
  • 10 GB/s if paired with an identical LR-NS7500


  • eno4 (RJ45) - Static management IP - 1 Gb Copper
  • eno3 (RJ45) - DHCP backup management interface (optional) - 1 Gb Copper
  • eno2 (SFP+) - Interconnect - 10 Gb SFP+ (if using two nodes in a 10 Gb/s ingest + analytics teamed architecture)
  • eno1 (SFP+) - TAP/Span Ingest - 10 Gb SFP+
  • iDRAC (RJ45) - Dell Remote Access Controller (DRAC) is an out-of-band management platform on certain Dell servers

Optics are not included.  Customer will need optics and a fiber cable (multimode or twinax).
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