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2021.09 Release Notes

New Features


  • Improved UI functionality for several actions so they respond as expected: automated emails, saved configurations, and sorting.

Deprecated Features

  • No deprecated features in this release.

Resolved Issues

Bug ID

Salesforce Case ID

Found in Version

Release Notes

DE13298N/A2021.07.1PAN Address-Groups and PAN Tags now persist within a saved configuration.
DE133484230242021.07.1In the Incidents tab when users change the sort by field from Timestamp to another field, the incidents now appear in the specified order as expected.


Documentation update: Data Transfers widget on the Main Dashboard is now accurately described. For more information, see Main Dashboard.

DE13514425004, 4260812021.07.1Automated incident and case emails are now sent to customers as expected.

Resolved Issues - Security

Security-related issues resolved with this release are available for customers to view on the Community.

Known Issues

Bug ID

Found In Version

ComponentsDescriptionRelease Notes
DE133432021.07.1MistNet NDRIn multi-site environments, the Data Transfer visualizations on the Main Dashboard may show only the traffic volumes from the Central site.

Expected Results: Total networking traffic should be represented in the Data Transfer visualizations on the Main Dashboard.

Workaround: While there is no workaround for this issue, a fix is being evaluated for inclusion in a future release.

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