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Main Dashboard

When analysts log in to LogRhythm NDR, the Main Dashboard is the first screen they see. The Main Dashboard provides an overview of their environment with actionable, real-time data.

Main Dashboard Sections

Main MenuAlong the top of the screenClick a tab to navigate to other pages.
User IconUpper right-hand cornerClick the icon to perform user actions.
Site Radar MapUpper left-side

A circular diagram depicting all the sites connected to LogRhythm NDR. Actionable points of interest are organized into five groups on the radar:

  • Hosts
  • Users
  • Incidents
  • Attack Indicators
  • Compliance Violations
Network TrafficUpper right-side

Two charts showing network activity over time (Activity) and the data transmitted and received (bits/sec) by the established connections on the network (Data Processed by Node).

The Data Processed by Node chart does not reflect real-time data. Because of indexing limitations, the data displayed is about 10 minutes old.

Data Processed by Node calculations:

  • Transmitted value equals the sum of all orig_ip_bytes/60 * 8 (units = bits/sec).
  • Received value equals the sum of all the resp_ip_bytes/60 * 8 (units = bits/sec).
Recent Indicators of CompromiseMiddle right-side

A real-time view of activity over the last four hours, focusing on four specific indicators of compromise:

  • Incidents
  • Compliance violators
  • Average anomaly scores
  • Average threat severity scores
Notable Entities and ChangesLower right-sidePrioritized lists of users, hosts, and changes based on the number of incidents they are associated with.
Geolocation Overview and Date/TimeLower left-sideHotspot maps of the Eastern and Western hemispheres show where activity is occurring. The current date and time is displayed between the two hemispheres.
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