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V 2.0 : MS Windows Event Logging XML - Sysmon (Configuration Guide)

System Monitor (Sysmon) is a Windows system service and device driver that, once installed on a system, remains resident across system reboots to monitor and log system activity to the Windows event log. It provides detailed information about process creations, network connections, and changes to file creation time. By collecting the events it generates using Windows Event Collection or SIEM agents and subsequently analyzing them, you can identify malicious or anomalous activity and understand how intruders and malware operate on your network.

Device Details


MS Windows

Device Type

MS Windows System Monitor

Supported Model Name/Number

Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016+

Supported Software Version(s)


Collection Method

MS Windows Event Logging

Configurable Log Output?


Log Source Type

MS Windows Event Logging XML - Sysmon

Log Processing Policy

LogRhythm Default v2.0



Additional Information

Microsoft Sysmon documentation

Supported Log Messages

(List of LR Tags used to parse the log information for each message type)


Product Version

Supported Schema Fields

V 2.0 : Catch AllN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <result>, <dname>
V 2.0 : EVID 2 : File Creation Timestamp ChangedN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <result>, <dname>, <policy>, <processid>, <process>, <object>
V 2.0 : EVID 3 : Network Connection DetectedN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <result>, <policy>, <processid>, <process>, <login>, <domainorigin>, <protname>, <sip>, <sname>, <sport>, <dip>, <dname>, <dport>
V 2.0 : EVID 4 : Sysmon Service State ChangedN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <result>, <dname>, <policy>, <action>, <tag1>
V 2.0 : EVID 8 : Remote Thread CreatedN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <result>, <dname>, <policy>, <parentprocessid>, <parentprocessname>, <processid>, <process>, <domainorigin>, <login>, <domainimpacted>, <account>
V 2.0 : EVID 9 : Raw Access Read EventN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <result>, <dname>, <policy>, <processid>, <process>, <object>
V 2.0 : EVID 10 : Process Access EventN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <result>, <dname>, <policy>, <parentprocessid>, <parentprocessname>, <processid>, <process>, <object>, <domainorigin>, <login>, <domainimpacted>, <account>
V 2.0 : EVID 15 : File Stream CreatedN/A<vmid> , <severity>, <vendorinfo> , <result>, <dname>, <policy>, <processid>, <process>, <object>, <hash>
V 2.0 : EVID 16 : Sysmon Configuration ChangeN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <result>, <dname>, <policy>, <command>, <object>, <hash>
V 2.0 : EVID 22 : DNS QueryN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <result>, <sname>, <policy>, <processid>, <subject>, <status>, <tag1>, <result> <process>, <domainorigin>, <login>
V 2.0 : EVID 24 : Clipboard ChangeN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <result>, <dname>, <policy>, <process>, <processid>, <session>, <hash>, <domainorigin>, <login>, <sname>
V 2.0 : EVID 25 : Process TamperingN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <dname>, <policy>, <process>, <processid>, <action>
V 2.0 : File Creation/Deletion EventsN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <result>, <dname>, <policy>, <processid>, <domainorigin>, <login>, <process>, <object>, <hash>
V 2.0 : Object LoadedN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <result>, <dname>, <policy>, <processid>, <process>, <object>, <hash>, <domainorigin>, <login>
V 2.0 : Pipe Creation/Connection EventsN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <result>, <dname>, <policy>, <process>, <processid>
V 2.0 : Process Start/Stop EventsN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <result>, <dname>, <policy>, <processid>, <process>, <command>, <login>, <domainorigin>, <hash>, <parentprocessid>, <parentprocesspath>, <session>
V 2.0 : Registry Modification EventsN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <result>, <dname>, <policy>, <action>, <tag1>, <processid>, <process>, <object>, <domainorigin>, <login>, <subject>, <domainorigin>, <login>

V 2.0 : WMI Events

N/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <result>, <dname>, <policy>, <domainorigin>, <login>, <command>
V 2.0 EVID 26 : File Delete DetectedN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <result>, <dname>, <policy>, <processid>, <domainorigin>, <login>, <process>, <object>, <hash>
V 2.0 : EVID 27: File Block ExecutableN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <result>, <dname>, <policy>, <processid>, <domainorigin>, <login>, <process>, <object>, <hash>
V 2.0 : EVID 28 : File Block ShreddingN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <result>, <dname>, <policy>, <processid>, <domainorigin>, <login>, <process>, <object>, <hash>
V 2.0 : EVID 29 : File Executable DetectedN/A<vmid>, <severity>, <vendorinfo>, <result>, <dname>, <policy>, <processid>, <domainorigin>, <login>, <process>, <object>, <hash>

Revision History

KB Version

Log Type

Change Type


KB 7.1.591.0MS Windows Event Logging XML - SysmonPolicy: LogRhythm Default v2.0New optimized log processing policy for MS Windows Event Logging XML - Sysmon.
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