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Upgrade the Open Collector

If you installed a new Open Collector, skip this procedure and go to Open Collector Installation Tips.

The Open Collector and its components check for available upgrades and automatically apply them whenever that component is restarted. 

For example, if you are running an Open Collector with the PubSub, AWS S3 and Sophos Central Beats, run the following commands to update all components:

./lrctl oc restart
./lrctl pubsubbeat restart
./lrctl s3beat restart
./lrctl sophoscentralbeat restart

Enable or Disable Open Collector Auto-Update

The Open Collector includes an "auto-update" function that automatically updates the lrctl script as well as lrctl, OC, and Beats containers to their latest versions. This behavior is enabled by default, but this section includes instructions for toggling that behavior in Open Collector.

The following auto-update commands are available:

./lrctl autoupdate enable

  • Turns on auto-update functionality for the Open Collector, lrctl script, and Beats. By default, this feature is enabled.

    It is recommended to leave the autoupdate flag set to enabled. This ensures you receive the most recent updates to the lrctl script and containers as soon as they are available.

./lrctl autoupdate disable

  • Turns off auto-update functionality for the Open Collector, lrctl script, and Beats. When auto-update is disabled, Open Collector components are not automatically updated when they restart.

./lrctl autoupdate status

  • Displays the current state of the auto-update functionality for the Open Collector, lrctl script, and Beats. There are two possible responses to this command:
    • Auto-Update is currently ENABLED
    • Auto-Update is currently DISABLED
Currently, autoupdate is a global flag that affects all components of the Open Collector. Individual components cannot be enabled or disabled independently.
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