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Troubleshoot the Okta Beat

429 Too Many Requests Error

If you have exhausted your quota limit of API calls to Okta cloud, you will see the following error: 

Error: 429 Too many requests by okta beat, Log collection will resume after 1m0s.

If you see this error, go through the Okta Beat deployed configuration and check the Period parameter.

Okta supports 120 API calls per minute for Workforce Identity users. To avoid this error, the Period parameter (interval of API calls from the beat) has been set to 2s by default. However, when multiple instances of the Okta Beat are running on the same account, then a 2s Period value will not be enough. The limit will be exhausted before 1 minute and the beat will go into wait mode for the remaining time frame. Users must modify this Period value based on the number of Okta Beat instances they want to run.

If you see this error, you will need to update the Okta Beat config and increase the Period value. For commands to export and import the Beat configuration, see the Beat Comands section in the Open Collector Commands Guide.

It's recommended to increase the Period value in small increments until the issue resolves. If the value is set too high, it might cause collection to fall behind.

For more details, including rate limits for non-Workforce Identity users, see

Request Failed with Service Unavailable Error

The following error may display if the URL is incorrect or if the Okta service is unavailable:

Error: Request failed with error: Get "https://url": Service Unavailable 

In this case, you need to verify the URL or, if the URL is correct, verify whether the Okta service is available.

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