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Okta Beat

Version 6.0.4

Okta is the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise. The Okta Identity Cloud enables organizations to both secure and manage their extended enterprise, and transform their customers’ experiences. The Okta Identity cloud provides one trusted platform to secure every identity of organization and connect all its customers.

Various organizations use Okta for Workforce Identity and Customer Identity.

Workforce Identity enables employees, contractors and partners to use any technology on any device whether they are remote or in office by providing:

Customer identity give customers the ability to build secure, digital experiences by providing:

To enable customers to leverage a unified platform for enriched, auditable event data, Okta is concentrating its efforts on the new and improved System Log API.

LogRhythm previously used the Okta Event API for log collection. This was deprecated in January of 2021. Customers are required to migrate from Okta Event API to Okta System Log API.  Please refer to the information presented below on Event API, System Log API, Migrating from Event API to System Log API, and the event types catalog.

Events API

The Okta Events API provides read  access to an organization's system log. For more information, see Event API

System Log API

The Okta System Log API provides near real time read only access to your organization's system log and contains much more structured data. It is not intended to be used for database as service(DBaas) or otherwise directly serve data to downstream consumers without an intermediate data store. For more information, see System Log API

Migrating from Event API to System Log API

The detailed guideline on organizations migrating from Event API to System Log API can be found here. This highlights some of the key structural, semantic, and operational differences (and similarities) between the two APIs to help in the migration process.

Event Types Catalog

Event types are the primary method of categorization within the Okta eventing platform. They allow consumers to easily group notable system occurrences based on behavior. This resource contains the complete event type catalog of this platform. Please see the Event Types Documentation to understand the full listing of event types in System Log API with descriptions and related metadata.

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