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Proofpoint Beat

Version 6.0.3

More than 90% of attacks start with email, and these threats are always evolving. Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) provides an innovative approach to detect, analyze, and block advanced threats targeting your people before they reach your inbox. This includes ransomware and other advanced email threats delivered through malicious attachments and URLs, as well as zero-day threats, polymorphic malware, weaponized documents, and phishing attacks. TAP provides adaptive controls to isolate the riskiest URL clicks. TAP also detects threats and risks in cloud apps, connecting email attacks related to credential theft or other attacks.

TAP stops both known and never-before-seen email attacks. It detects and blocks polymorphic malware, weaponized documents, credential phishing and other advanced threats. It monitors cloud app activity to identify suspicious logins, broad file sharing, risky third-party applications, and more. And it gives you the insight you need to identify and protect your most targeted people.

Key Benefits:

  • Detect, analyze, and block advanced threats before they reach your inbox.
  • Gain unique insights to identify your Very Attacked People (VAPs) and overall security risk.
  • Leverage Proofpoint Threat Intelligence to protect against threats and receive detailed forensics on attacks.
  • Provide adaptive security controls through URL isolation and security awareness training.
  • Enable VAPs to confidently browse unknown websites through corporate email while protecting them from URL and web-based attacks (this feature is part of our solution bundles).

The Proofpoint Beat is not available for use in LRCloud.

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