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OC Admin

Version 6.0.15

OC Admin is web-based interface to be used in tandem with the Open Collector and its Beats. It is designed to make the creation, configuration, and management of Open Collector Log Sources (Pipelines) much easier, all without touching the command line.

Getting Started


See the full installation procedure in the Initialize OC Admin topic.

First Time Setup

For basic information about the OC Admin, including logging in for the first time, see the Getting Started with OC Admin topic.


The OC Admin User Guide contains all of the information you'll need for daily use and management of the OC Admin.

Error Messages

The OC Admin Error Messages topic covers some common error messages that you may see while using OC Admin, and how to correct them.

The OC Admin UI can direct users to a specific point in the documentation when an error occurs.


A series of troubleshooting steps are listed in the Troubleshoot OC Admin topic.

Beat Support

The following beats are currently supported on OC Admin. The parsing level (default or custom) for each supported beat is also noted.

Beats with "default" parsing only have support for the parsing already included in the Open Collector. Beats with "custom" parsing must have their own parsing created via the Field Mapping Editor in OC Admin.

BeatParsing Level
Amazon S3Custom
Azure Event HubsDefault, Custom
Carbon Black CloudDefault
Cisco AMPDefault
Duo AuthenticationDefault
Generic REST APICustom
Microsoft Graph APIDefault, Custom
Prisma CloudCustom
Symantec WSSDefault
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