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Install the Open Collector

If you are upgrading an existing Open Collector, skip this procedure and go to Upgrade the Open Collector.

If you would like to copy/paste these commands, using PUTTY or other SSH tools will give you better results than using the VM console.

  1. Install WGET if installed using Minimal ISO:

    sudo yum install -y wget
  2. Download the Open Collector Control Script:

  3. Change permissions:

    chmod +x lrctl
  4. Initialize the Open Collector and start all components. 

    1. The following command installs Docker - Community Edition:

      sudo ./lrctl init

      If you plan to use a proxy server, additional configuration is necessary. For more information, see Configure Open Collector Via Proxy for steps to take before continuing with this installation.

      If installing on RHEL 8, modification of the firewalld.conf file is required before starting the Metrics service or the Open Collector. Please see the RHEL 8 installation page for details.

    2. Start the Metrics service:

      sudo ./lrctl metrics start
      The system will prompt you to configure centralized metrics, as a configuration must exist in order to start the Metrics service. Answer the question at the prompt in order to completely start the Metrics service.
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