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Configure Carbon Black Cloud

This section will take you through the configuration steps to configure API Access on the Carbon Black Cloud console to get alert logs on Carbon Black Cloud Beat.


Configuration Steps

  1. Log on to the Carbon Black Cloud Console using the hostname provided to you by VMware Carbon Cloud for your organization. Enter Email Address and Password to log on or log on via SSO.
  2. Click Settings on the left panel.
  3. Select API Access under Settings.
  4. On the API Access page, go to the Access Levels tab.
  5. Click Add Access Levels on the top right.
  6. Fill out the following fields to define your Access Level:
    • Name

    • Description

    • Alert Read Permission
  7. Click Save to save the Access Level.
  8. Verify that your Access Level is visible in the list.
  9. Go to the API Keys tab.

    Note the ORG KEY on this page. You will need it to configure the Carbon Black Cloud Beat.
  10. Click Add API Key on the top right.
  11. Name your API Key.
  12. Select Custom from the Access Level Type dropdown.
  13. Select your created access level from the Custom Access Level dropdown.
  14. Click Save to save the configuration.

    A pop up notifying you that the API Key was created appears on the screen. 

    Note the API ID and API Secret Key. These credentials will be used to configure the Carbon Black Cloud Beat.

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