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7.14.0 System Monitor October 2023 Release Notes

Release Details

Software Component

System Monitor (SysMon)

Version Number (Windows) and (*NIX)


This System Monitor Agent release is compatible with LogRhythm SIEM core versions that have not reached their end of life date. For more information, see End of Life Policies for Software and Hardware.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher

LogRhythm System Monitor Agents for Windows require the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher. 

New Features


  • Microsoft Visual C++ upgraded to version 2022.

Deprecated Features

LogRhythm has deprecated Check Point collection via OPSEC LEA in favor of the newer Check Point Log Exporter. Support for OPSEC LEA was removed starting with LogRhythm System Monitor Collector version and results in an error in the scsm.log file if this collection method is used. Customers who need to use OPSEC LEA for collection should not upgrade agents past System Monitor release.  For information on how to configure Check Point Log exporter, see Syslog - Check Point Log Exporter device configuration guide.

Resolved Issues

Bug ID

Found in Version

Release Notes



The recommended value and the default value of the OriginalMessage are now set to True for an Agent in the Advanced Properties of the Client Console.



The Syslog timestamp UTC offset calculation now correctly calculates the UTC offset value.



After updating to version 7.14, customers can override the ReceiveBuffer Limit to prevent data loss and log drop issues for UDP Syslog log collection.



When SSLStream cannot send logs to the Mediator, the Agent does not show the sent message in the log.



Office 365 log collection no longer stops even when volume is reduced.

Resolved Issues - Security

Resolved security-related defects can be viewed on the Community.

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