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NetMon Freemium Hardware Requirements.

Production Installation

For best results, we recommend a dedicated system that meets the following requirements. Also, if you plan to convert to a fully licensed version of NetMon on this same system, it will need to meet these requirements.

System Requirement

Minimum Production Installation

Free Disk Space

OS Volume: 2 x 300-GB 10K RPM 6-Gbps SAS disks, RAID 1
Data Volume: 6 x 600-GB 10K RPM 6-Gbps SAS disks, RAID 10


Recommended: 64 GB RAM


Recommended: 2.4 GHz 10 Core Intel 2470 processor
Minimum: 2 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon-equivalent processor

Network Interface Controllers (NICs)

Recommended: 2 1-Gbps NICs + 2 10-Gbps NICs
Minimum: 4 1-Gbps NICs

Two NICs are used for NetMon’s management and recovery interfaces. The other two are used for TAP data. The data rate for your NICs will depend on your licensed capture rate.

(Optional) Direct Attached Storage (DAS) Configuration

Storage: 24 x 1.2-TB 10K RPM 6-Gbps SAS disks in RAID 5
Host controller: PERC H810 hardware RAID controller with 1 GB nonvolatile cache

NetMon does not support SAN storage or using DM-multipath to extend storage volumes.

Evaluation Installation

NetMon Freemium can be configured to run on a smaller footprint by changing some configuration and performance settings, as described in the installation guide. The minimum platform we have tested is:

System Requirement

Minimum Evaluation Installation

Free Disk Space

60 GB


Recommended: 12 GB RAM
Minimum: 8 GB RAM


Recommended: 4 cores
Minimum: 2 cores

Network Interface Controllers (NICs)

Recommended: 2 1-Gbps NICs
Minimum: 1 1-Gbps NICs

Analyzing TAP data from an external source requires two NICs; with one NIC, you can only monitor network usage from your computer.

If you use a small footprint deployment, you will limit your data storage capacity. You will likely also impact uptime, as core services will need to be restarted when resource limits are reached. For more information, see Install NetMon Software.

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