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NetMon Freemium.

NetMon Freemium provides the same functionality as a full NetMon license but with limits on processing, packet storage, and data forwarding. All other features and functionality are enabled and usable, including unstructured search, Deep Packet Analytics, packet capture, and more. In addition, NetMon Freemium is not a trial and does not expire after a set period.


NetMon Freemium License

NetMon Full License

Unstructured search across all network data

Deep Packet Analytics

Full packet capture & SmartCapture™

True application identification for 3,000+ applications

Continuous Search-Based Alerting

Data forwarding via SysLog

Diagnostics and alarms

Data processing rate

Up to 1 Gbps

Up to 10 Gbps

Packet capture storage license

1 GB


Metadata indexing retention

Up to 3 days

Up to 30 days


Online only, via NetMon Community

Enterprise-grade phone and chat support

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