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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download NetMon Freemium?

NetMon Freemium is available for download on the NetMon Community. You will need to provide a valid email address, as the download link is sent via email.

How do I install NetMon Freemium?

You can install NetMon Freemium two ways: download the Freemium .zip file and extract the installer (.iso file) to mount on a VM, or download the iso.usb file and copy it to a USB stick to install on hardware.

Can I upgrade from NetMon Freemium to a licensed version?

If you have installed Freemium on a standard deployment platform, then upgrading to a full NetMon license is as simple as updating the license file. To get a license file, contact your LogRhythm salesperson or email

How do I get support for NetMon Freemium?

Our Freemium product is supported through our NetMon Community discussion board at LogRhythm support staff and development engineers monitor the forums and respond on a best-effort basis. You will need to register to submit questions and read responses. For online self-help, view the NetMon section of the LogRhythm Documentation.

What if I need additional support?

Only our full NetMon license comes with additional support. If you need support for a Freemium installation above and beyond what can be obtained through the Community forum, please contact us at to discuss licensing.

Can I make suggestions to improve NetMon Freemium?

Suggestions are always welcome. Our NetMon Community discussion board ( ) is the place for feature requests, bug reports, and enhancement suggestions. The NetMon product team monitors this area and folds product ideas into our product planning.

Can I link NetMon Freemium to my existing LogRhythm SIEM environment?

Limited SIEM integration is available with Freemium. NetMon Freemium will send out alarms and diagnostic information to a configured Syslog receiver, such as the SIEM. You will need a commercial license for NetMon to send SmartFlow, NetMon’s rich-extracted Layer 7 metadata of all application sessions.

How often is Freemium updated?

All NetMon releases are posted simultaneously. For updates, check the NetMon resources section of the LogRhythm Community.

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