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Custom Metadata Fields

The following functions can be used to set or get custom fields in a DPI message.

Set Custom Fields

--- Set custom fields in the DPI message. The key and
--- value MUST be strings.
void SetCustomField(dpiMessage, key, value)

Get Custom Fields

require 'LOG'
--- Get the custom field in the DPI message. The key
--- MUST be string. This function returns multiple values
--- that should be read as a Lua Table.
--- Syntax: local customTable = {GetCustomField(dpiMsg, key)}
table<string, string> GetCustomField(dpiMessage, key)

--- The custom field values can be accessed by iterating through the table:
  require 'LOG'
  for key, value in ipairs(customTable) do
    EZINFO("Key: ", key)
    EZINFO("Value: ", value)
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