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NDR Dashboard

When users log in to LogRhythm NDR, the Main Dashboard is the first screen they see. The Main Dashboard provides an overview of the application with real-time data.

Components of the Main Dashboard

Site IconContains the list of sites for the user to select from the drop-down.Upper left-hand side.
Search BarAllows to user to search for a particular log entry.Along the top of the screen.
Search IconThe search results for particular pages such as Incidents, Policy Violation, Activity, Mitre, Geo Activity, and Cases can be viewed from here.Along the top-right of the screen.
Saved Queries IconThe user can view already saved queries or can create a new named query by selecting this icon.Along the top-right of the screen.
Notification IconUser is able to view all the related notifications here.Top right-hand side.
Fullscreen IconThis icon enables the user to choose to go fullscreen while using the product. Once fullscreen is enabled, the Exit Fullscreen icon can be used to exit the fulscreen option.Top right-hand side.
User Profile IconUser activities can be performed from here, as follows:
  • User can make profiles changes, if necessary.
  • The user can choose to switch to Legacy UI.
  • The user can sign out.
Top right-hand side.
Left-side PaneContains the list of activities that can be performed from this site. This pane can be expanded or collapsed as per user requirement.Left-hand side of the page.
Date Range Picker IconThe user can select to view the log activities for the past 14 days by selecting the time range.Top right-hand side.
Refresh All IconThis orange icon can be selected to refresh the feed. Top right-hand side.
Reset LayoutThis purple icon can be selected to reset the page layout.Top right-hand side.
Resource Centre/Question Mark Icon

This is the resource center of the page and contains information necessary for the user such as:

  • Onboarding - Getting Started Guides
  • Documentation - Release Notes/User and Admin documents
  • Community Home - Help Forums, KB articles, and Downloads
Bottom right-hand side.
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