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MistWatcher Page

To access the MistWatcher page:

  1. Log in to LogRhythm NDR's new UI.
  2. Click Settings from the sidebar menu and then click Policy Management.
  3. Click the MistWatcher tab.
    A table with all the existing MistWatcher rules is displayed.  
    The column headers in this table can be sorted alphabetically.
    The user can edit or delete the existing MistWatcher rules by clicking the Edit or Delete button available with each rule entry in the table.
  4. To delete a Mistwatcher rule, click Delete.
    A prompt message to confirm the action is displayed.
  5. Click Yes
    The "Mistwatcher entry is deleted successfully" message appears.
  6. To edit a Mistwatcher rule, click Edit.
    The Update Mistwatcher Rule window appears.
  7. Change the necessary details and click Update.
    The "Mistwatcher rule was updated successfully" message appears.

Add Mistwatcher Rule

  1. Click the Add Mistwatcher Rule button to add Mistwatcher rules.
    The New Mistwatcher Rule window appears. 
  2. Enter the necessary details in the fields that populate.
  3. Click the Active toggle button.
  4. Click New.
    The "Mistwatcher rule was created successfully" message appears.

Add Mistwatcher Profile

  1. Click the Add Mistwatcher Profile button to add Mistwatcher profiles.
    The Mistwatcher Profiles window appears where the list of existing profiles is listed in a table. The columns can be sorted in ascending/descending order.
    The Search button at the top-right corner helps the user to search and filter the required entry.
  2. Click the Show Columns icon to add or remove columns from the table.
  3. Click Add Profile and enter the necessary details in the fields that populate.
  4. Click the Active toggle button.
  5. Click Add Profile.
    The "Mistwatcher Profile added successfully" message appears.
    More filters are available by default in this table which can be used to further filter the Mistwatcher profiles.
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